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March 11, 2015

Ee wenzangu wa-Afrika, kwa unyenyekevu naomba kusema, tujiheshimu sisi wana wajasiri wenye hekima na tulio na fahamu bora ya kimila zetu bora za ki-Afrika. Ee wenzangu wa-Afrika, kwa unyenyekevu naomba kusema, tujiheshimu na tuheshimu bara letu nzuri mno la Afrika

Wa-Afrika wenzangu: wazo langu hi sasa ni ya kwamba, kila moja wetu, mutu binafsi, na pia sisi sote Wana wa Afrika, na fikiria ya kwamba, yabidii sisi zote, hebu tuzidi kufanya hima, hebu tuzidi kujenga/yani tuinue tue na moyo na fikira yalio na mwelekeo bora yetu sisi wa-Afrika.

Ee wenzangu wa-Afrika, kwa unyenyekevu naomba kusema, tuwe na moya jasiri, kama mashujaa wetu wajasiri mono, yani wapiganaji wetu wa kimila/taaluma zetu, kulingana na utamaduni wetu wa umakini na ya busara mono ya Enzi zetu za ki-Afrika. Ee wenzangu wa-Africa, kwa unyenyekevu naomba kusema, tafadhali tuwe na hekima na utuu ya kufaa. Tujiheshimu. Tuheshimiane kila moja na kila jamii ya Ki-Afrika na tuheshimu jamii, wazo/fikira, mila na jamii zingine zile zisizo halisi, ya ki-Afrika, laki kwana tujiheshimu sis wana wa Afrika.  Ee wenzangu wa-Africa, kwa unyenyekevu naomba kusema, tafadhali tuwe na hekima bora, kama wazee/mababu wetu, walio na hekima na ujasiri kuu mno.

Ee wenzangu wa-Africa, kwa unyenyekevu naomba kusema, fikira na kazi zetu zote, sisi wana wa Afrika, yawe ya kijiheshumu sisi wenyewe. Fikira na kazi zetu zote, sisi wana wa Afrika, yawe ya hali ya kujenga jamii/tafia (taifa letu au taifa zetu na bara letu la Afrika), na hali ya masha bora ya watu wetu wote/jamii zetu zote, sisi zote wa-Afirika, tukiwa wana halisi, chupukizi, sisi tikiwa wana bora wa Afrika.

Ee wenzangu wa-Afrika, kwa unyenyekevu naomba kusema, tujiheshimu sisi wana wajasiri wenye hekima na tulio na fahamu bora ya kimila zetu bora za ki-Afrika. Ee wenzangu wa-Africa, kwa unyenyekevu naomba kusema, tujiheshimu na tuheshimu bara letu nzuri mno la Afrika


Kiprotich Arap Ruto

Canada, 1.31pm. 11/March/2015



Lighthouse of hope is what we are caringly building today

March 10, 2015

WeI am More Than My Body

We are hopeful. Canadians are hopeful people and we Canadians are building a social justice movement. Canadians are beautiful people. We are building a Canadian strong city of caring hope with improved universal social justice, because we Canadians are beautiful people. We Canadians caringly understand our values because we are more than our bodies. So, as Canadians we thoughtfully work towards caring to beautifully change ourselves, so that we can transform our own lives because we care much about our own Canadian communities, we care about our vastly resourceful beautiful country and we care about our amazing universal beautiful world. We are building a strong city of caring hope. We are designing brick by brick. We are more than making sense of caring madness of life. And, today, we Canadians are building a lighthouse of caring hope, with hopefully better social justice. Today we the people of Canada and “we the people” of the world, we individually and we collectively can say: we are a building a caring lighthouse of hope. We are more than our bodies. “We the people” care about better/improving social justice and sustainable development(s), because “we the people: we have “the power of the people”. A lighthouse of hope is what we are intentionally, caringly building today, right here, right now, this beautiful healing moment that we are choosing to so beautifully share together. Yes sometimes “we the people” we waver like simple, fragile, delicate, naturally beautiful leaves tossed and influencingly influenced by the winds of change. Time wavers and we care to derelictly shout out like a howling lone Canadian wolf out in the jungles of our lives, we shout out silently, we shout out quietly, we shout out sufferingly, we shout out seeking and searching for honest, meaningful, caring healing, because we are hopeful people. We care and sometime “we the people” we dare to care. We the people, we care when we want to and how much we want want to honestly care. We can caring include  all who care to hearingly hold different simple beliefs of mosaically diverse beautiful multicultural individual feelings, emotions, behaviours/choices, and we care about our family collective societal, safe, respectful, responsible and we care about our sustainably resourceful beautiful safe healthy thriving living environment(s), just like we care about our family/community cultural growth, development and ideas. A lighthouse of hope is what we are intentionally, caringly building today, right here, right now, this beautiful healing moment that we are choosing to so beautifully share together now. Canadians are hopeful people and we Canadians are building a social justice movement. Canadians are beautiful people. We are building a Canadian strong city of caring hope with improved universal social justice, because we Canadians are beautiful people. “We the people” of beautiful Canada, we like to become “nice”. We beautiful Canadians like to thoughtfully speak to caringly clarifying. We strong Canadians like to become more caringly understanding. We smart Canadians like to Spring-clean our houses. We caring Canadians like to care about improving our sustainable environment. As responsible world citizens we Canadians we like to make, brew, sustain, foster better undestadting, encourage, promote/keep peace, we like to cleanse, distill, filter, free, purify and we sweet Canadians like feel multiculturally rustic, authentic and we Canadians are beautiful aesthetically refined in respectful personal tastes and collective thoughts/Canadian thinking. As Canadians someone can choose to literally kick in the door of our fragile, illusionary “glass house”, shattering our valued peaceful, privileged Canadian safe comfort zone(s). As very busy caring Canadians someone can choose to literally kick in the door of our comfortable safe Canadian home, our cute Canadian apartment or expensive, luxurious, trendily gentrified Canadian condo.  How can we heal ourselves as caring Canadians and heal others, if as caring Canadians we are intentionally hurting every so very deeply? As Canadians we are so confused. As Canadians we say we care about social justice but lo and behold we are very caring, thoughtful, compassionate, peacekeeping Canadians choose to continue leading in hurting social justice demonstrably, domestically in Canada and also  internationally. As Canadians we choose to live diabolical, hilarious, ridiculously socially unjust privileged lives in our illusionary safe, privileged Canadian “glass houses”. As caring Canadians some of us beat ourselves up, as we freak out and as we go crazy busy choosing to hurt/disrespect ourselves and choosing to hurt/disrespect others, and we Canadians choose to hurt/disrespect this beautiful caring world/mother earth,  as we choose to enjoy social justice by choosing to  simply complicated relationships during the deeply disturbing darkness of our Canadian souls, and under feigned illusionary cover of the deeper darkness . Though honestly the main concern/solution is inside deeper within us not outside us. Yes the broken door is once again the symptom(s) of our problem today and our intentional solution(s) are within our power: each one of us all personally and collectively, we can become the sustainable solution(s). The beautiful solution(s) are a personal choice inside the team of us the people: (we tenants, you the landlord, our city police and we together as our community building a respectful, responsible, resourcefully successful winning team). So about resolving/addressing safety at the apartment and replacing the door/locks? Mark, how can you help us resolve with this situation/Canadian opportunity. 

I don’t want to go to heaven

March 9, 2015

Find/make time to have, create and share a heavenly moment. I don’t wanna go to heaven, that’s an illusion. i want to make my heaven down here on earth, right here, right now. we can hurt or we can heal and we can have heaven right here on earth. And our beloved ones are always with us spiritually and with us physically (within each an every cell of our own bodies). Healing can take time. And moaning the loss of our beloved ones takes time and may go on forever, depending on our own personal maturity of attitude(s). I still think about my dad, I think of my maternal grandmother and I think of my paternal grand father (Luka). I was very close to them. My grandmother died last year at about 110years old.  And, now I feel even closer to  her/to them, because I feel like and I am so confidently connected, so strongly to the scientific fact, that they continue to live within me. They continue to live within my children. Every so often when I look at my children, I see can see them (my dad, my grandmother, my grandmother and also my ancestors). When I see my children doing something (or saying/behaving in a certain way), in a some specific random way, it is the very same way that my dad or my grandmother or my grand parents (Luka and Chepo-Barmatek, my grandmother and my own father) would spontaneously behave. How amazing how this makes me feel so present. And now, I find that I do things the very same way that my mother does (I walk like my mother). I am a resourceful, excellent manager/a very self-reliant manager and I am a very self-sufficient person like my mother. I talk in parables like my father and my grandfather (my dad’s dad), though I reason/I think like my mum. I am a tall as my dad and as dark-skin toned like mum. I am a serious as my dad (I never saw him laugh even once in my lifetime, as long as I knew him, that’s about 25 years) and I am as studious/hard working as my mum. When we were young growing up on the family farm, up in the undulating, green, lush East African/Kenyan Great Rift Valley, my mum would wake up very early at around 4.30am in the morning to milk the cows. We had about 100 cattle and about 20 milking cows. And my mum would be working on the farm all day, come rain or blazing hot African equatorial sunshine. She would work all day long until she was feeling so tired and ready for bed around 11pm at night. I find that I have my mother diligent work ethics. Though my mom has an amazing, phenomenal memory. She’d remember very specific details like the liters of milk, the number of barrels (debes) of corn/maize, the number of tomatoes/vegetables that each and every farm worker and/or neighbour owed (we had anywhere 5-15 farm workers per month. And the amazing thing is that mum doesn’t know how to read or write much. So she did not write any information. She memorized all her information/data. Anyways, let come back from memory down memory lane. Let’s focus on this moment. Let us sit down together and like a good meal/food, come let us get together and let us share this beautiful moment together, because: we are one. Let us care for each other. Let us hurt together. Let us heal together. Let us encourage each other on our different/unique paths in this adventurous journey of life. So come people, come let us reason together. Let us connect to source. Whether near or far away we are all one together, “dead” or “alive” we are all one together, happy or sad we are all one together. This simple concept of unity with source, of oneness, of togetherness is a healing, healthy, happy, respectful, fulfilling, beautiful heaven at this very moment, as we are sharing this moment, right here, right now. We can make meaningful connections to ourselves and then we can start to make meaningful connections with others and we can connect/relate to each and every other thing/things all around us. This very rudimentary, very basic, very simple, very beautiful, very humbling-ly and very connecting understanding, idea/thought and feeling helps to make me feel so beautifully connected to my own self, to my own purpose in life and to my African cultural heritage/roots and to our African cultural wisdom. Yes, healing (and moaning) takes time especially when we feel lonely or when we feel so distant and so hurting… these are time when we feel like we need honest caring encouragement, non-judgemental understanding and these are tough times when even tough we are tough and strong, we still need tough, strong, caring honest support. So yes, healing, growing, and learning to celebrate life (whatever our circumstances), are skills that take time to develop and live by. Honestly literally everything and everyone is connected (we are all divergent different uniquely beautiful multicultural variations of that same creation/creator). We are all one. So, inherently missing another person (perhaps when you feel you miss a person whom you care about so much, you are feeling like you are so missing them), in essence you are feeling like you are missing a part of yourself. You are missing yourself. You are missing your beautiful connectedness to source. So basically you are feeling disconnected from your beautiful source. You are feeling a desire to reconnect to your beautiful self and to strengthen your connection to your beautiful source. Because a healthy connection to our source is healing, nurturing, caring, feels so organically encouraging and a healthy healing connection to our source feels so natural and feels so beautiful and feels so effortless, yet it is so, so valuable and so respectful and so resourceful and so responsible. And, feeling like we miss something or miss someone or that we desire something(s), means that we desire more of ourselves. And, it means that we care to understand more of ourselves and we desire to become more connected to our source. Because we are intertwined. We are all intertwined. We are all one. We are all beautiful. The stronger we are intentionally connected to our own beautiful, natural, cultural source (our beginning), the more be grow stronger, the more we heal, the more we can become more beautiful, because we can feel so beautifully connected to our own beautiful source/beginning, like a strong tree connected deeply to the roots, deep within the beautiful soil/ground, from where the beautiful seed once fell beautifully in love and took root beautifully, to enable us to heal sustainably and to enable to grow beautifully… if and when we become strongly connected/reconnected to our source/to our beautiful parents, to our beautiful ancestoral culture(s) and this can give us beautiful caring, loving hope and promise for believing in a hope for a better beautiful today and tomorrow. So this is why i say i don’t wanna go to heaven, i already have my heaven right here, right now. My beautiful encouraging heaven is cherishing this beautiful moment, as i share my beautiful moment of heaven on earth with you, and you make me feel encouraged, beautiful and strong, because you/we all are so beautiful. This is my heaven, right here, right now, at this beautiful heavenly/earthly moment. Find/make time to have, create and share a heavenly moment.


Kiprotich Arap Ruto

March, 2015


I choose to become happy

February 11, 2015

However smart you think you are, can you reason with a fool who thinks they are smart or the smartest of all? We’ve got to be smart/become smarter to sustainably feel happy, honestly, simply, profoundly and deeply. Remember, recognize and respecting that some of the simplest smart people are the most beautifully attentive, smart people who care enough to become well informed by choosing to live a well balanced healthy lifestyle and some great, humble, simple living, caringly thoughtful people. And, some of the simplest things are the most profound, happy people. I feel happy and I choose to become simple. I live simply. I feel happy. I feel happy sharing, spreading, growing happiness. I’m good, not because I’m good, but I’m good because: I feel happy. I choose to become good, to feel happy. I choose to do good things, to feel happy. I choose to think good thoughts, to feel happy.  Doing good things is my happy feel good choice. In my simple lifestyle I choose to make good graceful choices. I choose to feel happy and I understand I’m so blessed, because I am happy. And that’s nice to hear that my friends are doing, same as my own family, or members of my community and also, it’s honest  great news to hear that total strangers are doing great. Amazing to know that money flows to you in abundance. I don’t care much about money. Making more and more money is very important for some people. To me money, riches or wealth are simply a tool. To me, money is one small tiny tool no more important than other very useful tool in my resourceful tool kit or in my management skills tool box. I believe that’s what we choose to value is now actually becoming a very important big reality in our life/lives. Culturally what we choose to believe and what we choose to intentionally act upon (whatever we choose to do or not to do), is based on a value(s) that quickly manifest themselves in our lives. We are our own values. We choose our values. And, we model our lives according to our own meaningful values. Our values are our chosen path of life. Our own values, behaviour choices determine the journey of our beautiful souls in this life. My own values and my own choices makes me love me for me, and other people have a choice to love me for me/for whom I am, or not to love, accept and respect me, that’s their own powerful choice(s) based on their own choice(s) of their own values. What we choose to value quickly becomes a beautiful reality in our own lives each and every day, and its getting simpler/easier to respect because my life is getting better each day and because of my simple good choices, my life feels more peaceful each and every night. So this is the reason why I can honestly say: I feel happy. Why can I confidently say that I feel happy? Because, I am happy. Because, I choose to become happy, so I can feel happy. And, my feeling happy and/or my choice to help others to feel happy, helps to sustainably  make me feel even more happy. I feel happy sharing, spreading, growing happiness.

Canadian Winter season is so beautiful

February 11, 2015

Canada is so awesome! Snow and Canadian Winter season is so beautiful, worthy celebrating, just like any other lovely season/weather, or like all our many different personalities choice(s) and all the variations of natural flora and fauna, or like our worth celebrating many beautiful cultures all around the world. I feel that natural beauty, in all it’s different/diverse forms is so astoundingly awesome, depending on our own personal choice(s) of perception and our choice(s) of cultural attitude/behaviour. Choose to make good/better choice(s) today.


Kiprotich Arap Ruto

Canada, February, 2015.


welcome flexibility

January 15, 2015

Flexibility welcomes flexibility


Flexibility helps us to adjust and manage our energy, ourselves and our goals. Dr Wayne W. Dyer says: “Be an organism without goals and objectives, unstead, stand strong and successful, capable of adjusting to the forces of nature. Be willing to adapt to whatever may come your way by initially allowing yourself to experience that energy, much like the bending tree in the hurricane-force winds.”

Living by the Atlantic ocean, here in Canada we occasionally experience hurricane-force winds. So we learn to become more prepared, as we diligently monitor the current and upcoming situation and future trends. This social responsibility standards of individuals, organizations and government is one of the many good things about living in Canada.

Openness, respect and allowing contrary opinions enriches us and broadens our various faculty horizons. We can allowing ourselves to grow as individuals, as families, as a cultural community and as a Canadian country.

Building and understanding c ommunity is the key to the world. Understanding the world, helps us to welcome flexibility.

When we are flexible, we can learn to endure and to become happier. For we are like storms. We don’t last forever. Everything last for a moment. And with our interconnectedness, we can last forever.

Endeavor to live harmoniously. “Let go of the desire to force anyone or anything, and choose instead to be consciously be part of the cyclical patterns of nature.” says Dr. Dyer.

Kiprotich Arap Ruto
January 2015

The cow is milking the milk, how ridiculous!

January 14, 2015

The cow is milking the milk?!


How terrible it is when the cow is milking the milk and selling it to the highest bidder. Such an interesting perspective.

It’s like the ashes blaming the fire for burning the wood into ashes, that wouldn’t have existed as ashes, unless and until the wood was burnt by the fire into ashes. Same as all we humans come from dust and return unto dust or ashes, through our journey or our different paths in our lives.

Some of our lives are like: a finger blaming the other 4 fingers, for an incident involving the hand, that was carrying out instructions from the brain. Hopefully are reasonably functioning compassionate brain, human or not don’tmatter, but possibly humane, thoughtful and a caringly empathetic a brain. A good healthy brain like a friends so faithful.

Good friends care about each other. So, why wouldn’t I become worried about you or someone else, friend, foe or a stranger. What’s the whole point of friendship, unless one is choosing to use and abuse some other persons trust and friendship, which is unacceptable and that would have to stop.

Anyways You or I are our own persons, we make choices, mostly. And you and I may or may not be friends. I hope we become friends, but among billions of people, what are the chances. Anyway, I have a choice and I say I care about you. That’s my word. Your choice?!

How sad and terrible it is, when, the slave choses to become the slave owner, the slave trader and the slave driver.

Looks like the cow slave master is milking the milk. Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, is thriving on the free publicity of a sexual deviancy case gone wild… At the end of the day the corporation cow is milking the milk from the students, the tax payers, free publicity from the mainstream media and from social media and the academics elite and the middle class privileged folks.

Everyone is scheming on how to achieve their goals.

Like smart privileged folks who are quite polished in manners, sophisticated complicated instead of being simple and honestly straightforward, and genteel half-educated folks who think or claim to be educated, or horrible humans who claim to be “saints” and yet are so convoluted with sly scheming ways… beware!

Good book says about maturity, tact and honesty: “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Proverbs 15: 1 (NIV). And, “like apples of gold in settings of silver, is a word spoken in right circumstances.” Proverbs 25:11.

Culture of disrespect is ill advised. Very rude and disrespectful for an Educated responsible to say “woman nigger was so stupid wish i could hold her hair and pull it out she stop being a bitch”

Yes one is are free to get upset or to feel angry and to express emotions. But, it is quite important to become more respectful. If you feel that you need to kill a tiny ant or a louse or a flea. Simply squish it. No need to buy an expensive bomb from maybe USA or Russia or from any other foreign country just to hurt or to destroy a tiny pest.

Why and what is the point of being educated and hopefully more civilized and then adopting disrespectful behaviour, from other cultures and debasing your own culture and trashing your dignity as a person!.

We may feel like we have or are being disrespect, but if we are educated then maybe it is good for us to educate ourselves about respectful behaviour.

Respect and responsible behaviour does not mean that we be doormats. Even The Holy Book, Bible says: “…but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.” -1 Peter 3:4, English Standard Version (ESV). So, we can and we should assert ourselves and our values or state our needs to be respected. But, if we do not care to respect ourselves and to respect our own cultural values, then how do we or how on earth would we expect others to respect us, or to respect our families, our people, our resources, our countries and our cultures. We can learn to become more diplomatic and more respectful.

Kiprotich Arap Ruto
January, 2015