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Great things can happen on our unique paths in life

December 19, 2015

Great things can happen on my unique path in life, when I am thinking creatively. I am loving being beautifully present alive, awaken consciously, content & compassionate. As I pledge my support for art, culture, heritage & progressive science that enriches community.


With great grateful perspective, I agree fine acts are great, yet aesthetic can wholesomely reasonably exceed expectations. I believe considerate community abhors harm & should we care to we can address neglect, hurt & ugly mean bullying that may be subtle or overt within all types of supposedly elite communities. Whereas there is great enterprise within all our increasingly mutually beneficial, progressively multicultural communities, sometimes I feel much can be gained by simple self awareness.


There is hope that we can succeed greatly. Though much is wasted in vain pursuits of ignorance, poverty, greed & obesity of all manner of disease. Pleasurable indignation & easily mutant convertible comfortable complacency tend to act with repulsive repugnant irksomeness towards unusual edgy radical appropriate approach to trend setting explorations of self growth, development & achievement of full powerful potential in life.


We can continuously succeed at reengineering human(e) capacity building, by going way beyond our universal known & unknown bright shining beautiful stars that presently merely smart tiny trigger embers deeper within us/me.


Interesting, funnyly exciting to me how so often times we behave like strange pedestrians crisscrossing our own so busy creative wise unique paths in life.




Kiprotich Arap Ruto, 19th December, 2015

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